Walk, or Walk Further?

Every year, my company hosts a 5K where participants can run or walk, choosing either a whole 5K or a shorter, one mile route. Proceeds go to the local children’s hospital, and given my children were both in the NICU after they were born (ironically for low blood sugar) it’s something I generally like to participate in. Well, since last year, anyway. For a full account of my prior 5K experience (written from the perspective of non-diabetic smartass), see my post from last year.

I signed up for the 5K for this year before my diagnosis, confident that I would be able to walk the whole thing and get my kids to not rely on a wagon or being held. Clearly things have changed since I signed up and I was honestly a bit worried about whether or not I could do it given my condition. I’m obviously not an invalid, but I’m still very new to the diabetic world and trying to get used to how my body reacts to things.

When we finally arrived for the 5K, it was almost 85 degrees outside. The moment we stepped out of the car, the heat hit us like a slap in the face. I was sweating before I even opened my son’s door. Without batting an eyelash, my wife and I both came to the same conclusion: we were taking the shorter one mile route today.

It’s a good thing we did. By the end of our 20 minute walk, we were all sweaty and stinky, and I was starting to get a bit shaky. Or so I thought. After checking my sugar when I got into the car, I was at 140. Clearly I haven’t fully figured out my body’s responses yet. I was light headed, but it must have been from too much exertion. It’s weird, considering I’ve done three times that amount on my treadmill before without any issue. Of course my body is going through changes so it makes sense.

So I have yet another new goal: next year I will be back to a point where I can at least walk a 5K without my body going all wonky on me.

Only 365 more days left to get ready.


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