I Suck at Golfing

Instead of working today, my department thought it would be fun to have a golf outing. So basically, if you needed anything to get done, you could count on it not happening.

I used to be a casual golfer years ago. Then I had kids and the golf train quickly became a golf tortoise. More like a tortoise statue. Basically, I haven’t picked up a club (aside from moving them from one house to another) in over six years. And let’s be fair, I wasn’t that good to start with.

When I got out there today, I tried to remember all of my lessons. Knees bent? CHECK! Head down? CHECK! Keep your eyes on the ball when you hit it? SHIT! I’ll remember that the next shot. Or not… Maybe I’ll remember that ever five shots. Maybe not.

Admittedly, I got better as I went along. I hit a couple of good shots, most of which actually made it into the air. Pretty sure I had a good couple of putts, too. On the whole, though, I realized that I really am a crappy golfer. Maybe one day I’ll get lessons and not suck so bad, but for now I’m glad that Fall is here so I don’t have to worry about looking like a jackass in front of other golfers.

Oh, and I’m sore as hell now. I forgot how many muscles were used when you golf, even when it’s crappy golf.

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