Opining Penguin Begins

In the spirit of all good things nowadays, I’m rebooting my little blog. And much like most reboots, it’s something no one really asked for in the first place.

When I originally started this blog, my goal was to talk about random political crap and become the next Limbaugh. Okay, so not that big, more of a Greg Gutfeld’s younger brother’s best friend’s cousin’s sister’s lonely uncle. Either way, it was a place for me to vent my sarcasm on the political world. Then I made a realization: I have kids and a real job, and I really don’t have that kind of time.

So here we are in rebootville. I haven’t written anything in about a year and a half. In that time I’ve had a kid join and leave preschool, another start talking non-stop, and I’ve developed an unhealthy obsession with wet burritos from a local taco shop. I guess it’s not that unhealthy, when I think about it, but if I had to sell one of my kidneys to afford just one more burrito, I would consider it.

In my off time when I’m not writing on this blog I found myself watching a lot of TV, and enjoying every minute of it. Being a parent is hard work, and after a long day at work and getting the kids fed, bathed, and to sleep, you really want nothing more than a stiff drink and the chance to sit in your favorite chair. Unfortunately I’m usually too tired to even pour the drink, so I sit comfortably with an empty glass, lamenting my utter laziness.

To quote a show my wife and I have recently started getting caught up on (Game of Thrones, you may have heard of it), “winter is coming”, which means my lazy ass might actually start to take the time to write a bit more often. What can you expect? My opinions on random crap, mostly, with blunt sarcasm and stupid humor littered throughout.

Will I start tweeting again? Maybe, but given the current political climate all I ever see on my feed is Hillary this, Hillary that, and frankly I’d rather gouge my eyes out with a rusty fork. And then there’s Trump. Personally I have nothing against the man, aside from his might bit of insanity. But what’s a little bit of crazy between friends? Honestly, given his penchant for naming things after himself, my only real worry is that he will eventually rename the country the United Trump States of America, where the president sits in the Trump White House (and Casino).

Anyway, that’s all I have for today. Here’s hoping I’m man enough to keep this going, otherwise I’m going to have to come back in another year or two and “delete” yet another post or two.

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