First Night with New Meds!

I mentioned last night that I was given all new medications to manage my diabetes. Tonight is my first night!

I know, you should be excited for me, too.

For the past week or so I’ve been drawing 20 units per night from a vial, thanks in part to the provider who messed up my medications when she discharged me. Tonight, though, it’s all pen! Of course I could have had the pen last night, had my local pharmacy actually had the medication in stock. Medications just don’t seem to be my strong suit the past week, does it?!?

I started my Metformin pills today, too. The doctor said there were a few side effects as my body gets adjusted. Something about GI distress, nausea, growing back hair, dreams of giant lizards attacking Tokyo. At least there’s no dry mouth!

So long as my system adapts to the Metformin in the next week or so, I’ll be adding a dose at breakfast time. Then we get to double the medication doses next month when I get it refilled. Hey, it’s better than constant injections, right?? And I’m totally digging the whole “only check your sugar in the morning” thing. I almost missed pricking my finger before every meal today. Almost.

Here’s to good sugar levels tomorrow! If I am consistently above 110 and below 140 for the next three days, I’ll be adding 2 units to my nightly dose. And 2 more a few days after, and on-and-on.

My journey continues…

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