Sweet, Sweet Cravings

I’m trying my best to eat right since my diagnosis. Since my first night off of a clear liquid diet, I’ve been constantly counting my carbs and making sure that I’m sticking to my meal plan as best I can. It is really damn hard to do!

There are temptations everywhere! Tonight, for instance, we went to the store to fill another script (which, by the way, wasn’t ready yet) and picked up a few supplies for the night. As we were wandering, I walked past what I call the “Wall of Sweets”: a large shelf filled with yummy, delicious Hostess pastries. Donuts, Ho-Hos, other creamy wonderfulnesses. All I wanted to do was pull down the shelf, sit in the middle of the pile of fallen goodies and GORGE!!

But I have willpower. Ever-decreasing willpower, but willpower nonetheless. I know that if I were to down a big bag of donuts that I’ll wind up right back in the ER. Dammit, they looked so good and my tongue was just screaming out to them.

I know these cravings are just temporary and I’ll eventually get through it, but like a new diet this is the hardest part. Except this is the kind of diet that I can’t simply say “screw it, I’ll try again later”.

I need to create a perfect sugar-free donut. That would fix everything…

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