Of Rice and Men

I’m finding that diabetic cooking isn’t nearly as bad as you would think it is. Granted I can’t scarf down whatever I choose, but I am finding the meals I’m having to be relatively filling. I’m hoping that the diet changes will help me lose a little weight as well (not that I can stand to lose anymore than maybe 10 pounds before I look like a stick figure). To make my life easier, I bought a few cookbooks that are geared primarily towards cooking for a diabetic.

Tonight’s meal of choice was a slow cooker soup with chicken and wild rice. It starts with water, cream of chicken soup, chicken broth, some thyme, and wild rice (in case you couldn’t get that from the name of the dish).


I stuck it in the crock pot for about 4 hours and let it do its thing, stirring every now and again. Once the four hours had passed, I cut up a full chicken breast into bite sized pieces and cooked them in a skillet. I also sliced up some spinach, stirring it and the chicken into the pot with the rest of the soup.


Once it was all mixed and warm, I whipped up a quick salad and plated both into separate bowls.


Now you’re probably saying to yourself, “that looks more like a risotto than it soup”. Well, yes, in the process of cooking the rice we found that we may not have used the correct rice. As the food was stewing over the course of four hours, the rice absorbed much of the water and stock. It actually made the rice a little on the mushier side, yet surprisingly still pretty good. Not too bad for a first attempt and at least next time I know I have to do something different with rice. I’m pretty sure I can make it firmer next time… Either way, I still cleared the bowl and I was very full in the end.

In other news, my sugar was a bit lower this morning than it was yesterday, but still right over the 110 minimum my PCP was looking for. Assuming that I’m still above 110 tomorrow morning, I’ll be upping my nighttime dose of Tresiba to 22 units, from the 20 I’m at now. Keep your fingers crossed! Another five days or so and I’ll be adding a morning dose of my Metformin, too. So far my body has tolerated it pretty well, with very minor side effects.


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