Counting of the Carbs

This morning when I woke up I knew I was in a bad spot. I got up, went to the bathroom and got dressed, all while shaking like it was snowing out and I didn’t have a jacket. When I finally made my way downstairs to check my sugar, it was at an 84. The day prior, my fasting sugar was at a 96 and it was even higher the day before. Clearly my medication is working…


My fasting blood glucose the past week

The hardest part of my day today is getting used to my new meal plan. I’ve had to add two snacks into the mix at the expense of carbs from my dinner, as well as splitting my previous snack choice into two choices. While that sounds great, it was really hard for me today to eat one carb choice-worth of food and not want to eat something else afterward. On the flip side, when it came to my afternoon snack I wasn’t that hungry and felt like I was forcing the food (although I knew that I needed it).

It’s also really hard to keep counting not only the carbs, but also the various fats and calories. In some cases you have to subtract certain types of fats from the fat count so I can makes sure I’m getting the correct amount, not going over, but still feeling full. It’s like a really irritating algebraic equation that, in the end, makes my head ache. And I’m pretty sure I didn’t hit my calorie count for the day in spite of everything I ate. Maybe I’ll start losing more weight this way?

One of my favorite snacks I’ve been eating lately are Nature Valley bars, with oats and chocolate. They’re actually pretty good, but they make up two carb choices. When you open a package and eat one of the two servings, the other serving gets a little squishy when you try to eat it for your afternoon snack. At the store today, I did find some individual packages of Jiff peanut butter that are one carb choice. So at least I have something else that tastes good.

My biggest temptation today came a little bit after lunch. To celebrate birthdays at my office, they are now holding a once-per-quarter lunch for those whose birthdays fell within the prior three months. I intentionally didn’t go to it today (my birthday was a couple of months ago) so I could avoid the cake and other snacks. All went well, until they brought the leftovers into the break room. The only thing I could smell for the next hour was pizza. You have no idea how much that hurt my poor stomach!

Then I had pizza for dinner. Mmmm, yummy!

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