D’oh, a Deer!

Well thank goodness that day is over!!

On my way to work, after dropping my son off at school, I was happily driving down the road and enjoying what was going to be another long commute to work. Suddenly, without any warning, I saw something brown and furry run out in front of the car in front of me. Almost as suddenly the brown furry thing appeared, it went flying behind the car (and in front of mine) across the road and into a ditch.

Yes, the furry brown this was a deer. And amazingly, it was still alive. So much so that, as I was passing it in the ditch, I saw it get back up, shake itself off, and walk off into the woods with a look of “what the f*ck was that?!?” on its face.

I pulled over to make sure the person who just hit the deer was okay. As the driver was thanking me for pulling over to help, we looked at her car for damage. Somehow, despite running over a 140-pound animal, there was absolutely nothing wrong with her car. Not one single scratch. For both her and the deer, it was a good day.

Moving along my merry way, I continued my long commute to work. As I pulled into the city, I was suddenly stopped by a train. Along with half of the damn town that was trying to get to work. And because I was already late, the train was at least 75 cars long and going at a brisk 5 MPH. Some would say, well couldn’t you find a detour? Oh, how I wish. My usual “don’t hit the train” route is currently closed so they can rebuild the road with a new fancy round-a-bout. Which they started months ago and haven’t done nearly dick with since. Or so it appears, anyway. My usual route is the only way to escape the train; otherwise, the whole town is cut completely in half by the stupid tracks.

Could have been worse. A few months ago, the gate system malfunctioned and it caused an hour’s-long traffic jam throughout the whole town. Good job, city planners!

Eventually I got into work and found out that one of my team members had put in her notice, with the intention to move to another area of my company in the next few weeks. Well isn’t that just ducky?!?

I’m sure that all of these stressors I experienced this morning jacked my blood sugar sky high. I wouldn’t know, because I couldn’t find my glucometer. After getting to my desk, I had a moment of panic; running to my car, I didn’t see it anywhere. Clearly, I left it at home. FARK!!! So I ordered another one from Amazon that I can keep at my desk at work, just in case I did something so stupid again.

When I got home, the first thing I looked for was my glucometer. I still couldn’t find it. What. The. FARRRK!!! The only other option was that it fell somewhere in my car (which I thought of at work and did check, but still, I was desperate). Going to my car in the driveway is usually an easy thing to do, as it is in most houses. But since this was today, otherwise known as “stress me the f*ck out day”, it was pouring down rain with gale force winds and hail. Yup, my day sucks!!!

The glucometer was in my car, tucked between the side of the seat and the door. It must have fallen when I slammed my breaks for the deer earlier in the day and I just didn’t see it when I searched my front seat earlier in the morning. At least I found the damn thing and I will soon have a spare that I can keep at work.

With all the blood-sugar increasing stress I put up with today (don’t get me started on the four hour meeting I conveniently glossed over!), I wanted to end the day on a positive. I pulled out my diabetic cookbook and found a very delicious turkey recipe that would fit into my meal plan.

The meal is simple enough. First you take 1/3 cup of sour cream and blend it with two teaspoons of flour, then fold in 1/4 cup of chicken broth


With the sauce mixture made, I took half a turkey tenderloin and cut it into bite-sized pieces, using salt to season:


I also minced up some garlic, sliced up some green onion, and cubed some sliced mushrooms:


While my fettuccine pasta was cooking, I added the turkey, garlic, onion, and mushrooms to a hot skillet with some olive oil:


Once the turkey was cooked through, I added the sauce mixture and mixed, letting it thicken in the skillet. With it all cooked, I plated with a small salad on a salad-sized plate:


It turned out pretty well. The only thing that I would deviate from in the recipe is to try and toss the pasta in with the mushroom/turkey sauce. Without it the noodles were a little bit bland and given the dietary restrictions, it’s hard to add much more in terms of seasoning.

Despite the rest of the day, things did turn out pretty okay for the evening. My sugars were a few points higher this morning so I’m curious to see if this trend holds.

Until tomorrow…

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  1. Do you ever check your blood sugar after eating? I certainly could never eat any kind of pasta (or bread or potatoes or rice) without a huge spike in my BG.


    • I did when I first got out of the hospital, but then my PCP wanted me to just check my fasting levels. I followed his advice for about two weeks, but now I’m starting to get back into the habit of a pre/post meal check (as of today, actually). So I’m not sure how pasta impacts me yet. Sure that I’ll know soon enough, though!


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