A Low Kind of Day

Today was definitely a day of lows.

My day started with me feeling shaky again. I was okay yesterday, but this morning I knew that I was in a really crappy spot. Rather than wait for the rest of the family to get dressed, I ran downstairs (okay, stumbled) and checked my sugar. Yup, I was at 78. Yikes!

A quick glass of orange juice helped, but for most of the day I still felt like my sugar was low.

Speaking of being things being down, I’ve felt pretty down for most of the day. I’m not sure if it has to do with the low blood sugar, or some ridiculous crap going on at work, but in general today was one of those “if I could just get a do-over” kind of days.

Part of it was that we had a staff meeting today at the new location we’ll be moving to in a week or so. After the meeting, to celebrate one of our executives retiring, we were served cake. Since I’m on the beginnings of a meal plan, cake is not really on the menu. I’m trying to retrain my body on how to eat, after all, so cheating and getting some sweet yummy cake just didn’t seem right. It was torture not taking my face and planting it directly into the middle of the cake and just going to town.

After the celebration I had a meeting with my team, with a certain element of the team causing drama. I tried my damnedest to keep my mouth shut, but the whole time I was shaking. Listening to the person whine and complain finally set me off and I snapped, speaking a bit more harshly than I wanted.

I knew that I shouldn’t have snapped, and before all of this crap happened to me I was able to better control myself. More than likely it was due to how I’ve been feeling today, the general “down” sensation in my head, but it still worries me that I wasn’t able to keep myself in check.

I did ask my provider about my morning sugar levels and he suggested putting my nighttime insulin dose back down to 20 units from the 22 that I was on. He still wants me to increase my Metformin to twice per day. Since I’m not feeling many (if any) of the side-effects, I’ll be starting my morning dose on Monday. If that goes well, I’ll be doubling the doses next month.

With all that crap aside, today is Friday (aka our Applebee’s night)! Do you know how hard it is to keep to your carb count (and other parts of your diet) when you go out to eat? It’s a right pain in the ass. A classic burger was something like 45 carbs, with the side of fries something like 57. For those doing the math, that’s over 100 carbs (not including my one beer per week). My dinner target is 75. How does one take care of this, you might ask? Right, it’s a salad instead of fries. Yummy.

Thankfully the waitress was able to sneakily get me a side salad to replace the fries, even though the salad is supposed to cost extra. Got to love a good waitress!

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