Another Day, Another Meal

Pork with Mushroom Sauce

I was naughty last night and had pizza for dinner. Not that I think it mattered; my sugar this morning was a nice, low 80. And to be fair, I had some veggies with my pizza (not on the pizza, I mean on the side). Regardless, I knew that tonight I would have to be a bit better about my dinner choice.

For tonight’s meal I didn’t grab it from one of my new cookbooks, rather just made up something in my head that I thought would sound good. We bought some pork tenderloin last week that I have been itching to use, so I broke it out to make a pork and mushroom dish with some couscous. The meal itself was less than 50g of carbs with the sauce included, and with my 12oz glass of milk I was brought a little bit under my dinner carb count.

The meal itself was simple enough. I sliced the pork into inch-thick pieces, cooking them in a large skillet with some garlic (and a light salt/pepper rub). In a medium sized pot, I cooked the couscous (which I’ve never had before; not bad!) and in another pan I sauteed some chopped mushrooms with a light sour cream/flour/broth mixture. The sauce was a little thicker than I wanted, so I diluted it down with a bit more broth and mixed in some pepper and Parmesan cheese for some extra flavor. Since I’m obsessed lately, I also made some garlic green beans as my non-starch side.

The pork was laid on a bed of the couscous, topped with the sauce. It was pretty good, if I do say so myself! Although it did spike my blood sugar to the highest it had been all day…

Daily Summary

I woke up relatively low today (80) and seemed to stay that way until after dinner. When I got to work and checked my post-breakfast numbers I was only at 113, which wasn’t that much of a jump. My buddy at work and I took a quick walk around the block, after which I was at an 88. All of my lunch and pre-dinner numbers were fairly low as well, but thankfully today I didn’t seem to feel it as much except right before lunch.

Something new today was that I didn’t feel nearly as hungry for my snack. The past few days I’ve been eating carrot sticks for a quick, nearly-no-carb snack to get me through some hungry times. Today I couldn’t have cared less. I’m taking that as a good sign.

Today’s Numbers

Fasting After Breakfast Before Lunch After Lunch Before Dinner After Dinner
80 113 82 111 78 155
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