Pulling my Sweet Tooth

Dropping the Dose

I woke up this morning and had another relatively low number, 82. About 30 minutes after putting my value into my online tracking system, my provider sent me a message back: change your nightly dose from 20 to 18. I’m going to call that good news and a sign that I’m doing something right. Hoping that my morning numbers are going to be a bit higher when I wake up.

Movie and Popcorn

I’ve been promising my boys that we would take them to see the new Lego Ninjago movie if they’d stop asking me about it every 20 seconds. Taking them to the movies presented me with a few challenges. For one, my oldest and I used to share his Skittles and a root beer; two things I’ve stopped putting into my mouth hole. I’m also a popcorn addict.

Ordinarily I would sit on my phone and research how many carbs a serving of popcorn had and mentally dole out my allotment. Tonight I decided to say screw it and share some of the popcorn with my son. It was a big bucket, but I’m allowed a gimme once in a while, right?

I’ve been trying to not “cheat” on my diet, knowing that one cheat time can lead to another, and before I know if the diet is completely out the window. With the popcorn, though, I figured that it’s not something I eat often and it’s not something sweet, which is usually my favorite.

Daily Summary

Speaking of cheating, temptation was strong with me today. My department is moving to another building, and the deli/cafe downstairs at my current building (in an effort to say “goodbye”) sent us all cupcakes. It was a nice gesture, but they put them about 10 feet away from my desk, which is near the front door of my suite, which is also right next to my team’s daily huddle board. In other words, the damn things were right next to me, screaming my name. It didn’t help that my team kept going over and eating them.

Thankfully they moved them to the break room later in the day. Which was great until I went to clean off my fork after lunch, and I saw them staring at me… again… begging me to eat them.

Tasty, delicious bastards.


No, I didn’t end up caving, however it took a whole lot of willpower. Back in the day I could easily knock back a couple of these things without blinking an eye. Now I have to force myself away from them. Sure I could probably have one, but I’ve been doing so well lately and I’m trying not to slip off the wagon. Given my addictive habits I just know that it’s not going to end well for me.

Today’s Numbers

Fasting After Breakfast Before Lunch After Lunch Before Dinner After Dinner
82 140 106 119 82 0*

*Note: I did not get to take my after dinner number due to seeing a movie this evening

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