Never Met(formin) a Pill I Didn’t Like

Side Effects

When I first started my Metformin treatment, the side effects really didn’t get to me. I went about my day without feeling the nausea and other irritating things that came with the drug and I was feeling quite good about myself. Then came the end of the first week, when I started to have a mild metallic taste in my mouth on occasion.

Moving to my second daily dose, again the side effects weren’t that bad when I started. I had the mild metallic taste, but it wasn’t anything major. Then the past few days hit. Lately I’ve started to get a feeling in my stomach that’s a cross between being upset and full, and the metallic taste is double what it was before.

It wouldn’t be so bad if I didn’t feel this tinge of guilt every time my stomach hurt, almost like I ate too much and felt bad about it (even if I didn’t). That, and the pain in my stomach seems to disappear almost as quickly as it comes on. I said to my wife last night that the crappy thing about it all is that when I’m actually sick, I know that it will go away. With this Metformin, though, it’s something that has the potential to always be there. What a way to live my life, eh?

Daily Summary

My youngest son has been feeling a little on the cruddy side and last night he woke up around 2 AM to come into our room. I promptly brought him back to his room and laid down with him for a bit, but I was feeling a bit on the shaky side. Surprisingly, when I woke up again later in the morning, I didn’t feel that bad. My sugar was 89, which wasn’t that far off from some of my other numbers. I thought it would be a lot lower, given that I had woken up for an hour in the middle of the night.

I made up for it later when I ate lunch. My pre-lunch number was at a skin-shaking 70. After eating a burger and a few fries from Chili’s, I skyrocketed back up to 189. I’ll admit, it was one of my worst numbers since I started tracking. I probably shouldn’t have eaten as much as I did for lunch, but it is what it is. That part of my brain that should have told me to stop didn’t. Realistically, I should have only had maybe half of the burger or none of the high-carb fries.

In the end it’s still a learning experience for me, trying to see how my body reacts to certain foods. For dinner we had ravioli and Alfredo sauce, with a nice side salad, and my post-dinner number was only 125 (pre-dinner was 144, so I actually went down!).

Really, all I’m really hoping for in the end is that I’m doing the right thing overall for my health. It seems like I am, as I’m eating better and cutting out all of the sweets. But I haven’t actually lost any weight yet. I seem to have reached the same peak I reached when I was working out a few months ago. Stupid body.

The best thing of the day, though, was seeing a bee on one of the sunflowers I have growing in the front of my house. As we were leaving the house for the day, my wife tried to silently beckon me over to the front door, pointing to our largest sunflower. As I crept over, I saw, sitting on top of the flower, a very large (and quite still) bee.


I’m honestly amazed with the quality of picture I was able to get from my cellphone. Of all of the pictures I’ve taken, be it with my phone or my Nikon D80, I think this is one of the best near-marco photos. Love seeing the pollen spread all over it’s little bee body!

Today’s Numbers

Fasting After Breakfast Before Lunch After Lunch Before Dinner After Dinner
89 110 70 189 144 125
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