Dragged by the Wagon

I Want to Pig Out

After dinner tonight I wanted nothing more than to pig out on ice cream. And I don’t mean just eat a small bowl and go to bed happy. No, I mean crack open the lid, stick in a spoon, and eat until the whole container was gone. This whole diet thing sucks.

And of course it’s not really a “diet” in the traditional sense. For a regular human, one can change what they eat, have a few cheat days, promise they won’t do it again, cheat some more, and eventually fall off the wagon. Falling off the wagon for a diabetic can obviously have serious consequences and as much as I love food, it’s not worth my losing a foot because I want to down a whole gallon of ice cream.

I’m doing my best to stay on the wagon. I avoid tempting foods wherever I can and I’m seriously limiting my portions. In my youth (pre-diabetic Penguin) I could down a whole pizza and never think twice. Today my department moved to a new office and our leadership bought us pizza. I had to limit myself to two slices and not go back for seconds. Or thirds. I really wanted to, though, because damn it was good pizza. Each slice was two choices, though, so I killed my lunchtime carb count with just those two slices.

I guess I’m not really on the wagon, so much as being dragged by it down a dirt path by four massive horses. Damn I want a gallon of ice cream. And a donut. Maybe a few donuts. A dozen, maybe? Ugh, wish I didn’t love my feet so damn much.

Daily Summary

I’ve been testing my sugars more often lately so I can get a good idea how well I’ve been doing. The fasting numbers may be telling my provider something, but it’s not really telling me anything other than “hey dumbass, you’re shaking every morning”.

The problem with testing so much is that I’m running out of test strips. I ordered 200 strips the other day from Amazon, but they’re taking forever to get here. It’s funny, because they shipped within 30 minutes of my purchasing them, yet they still haven’t made it to my front door. The good news is that they are sitting in distribution center a mere 45 minutes from here. They’ve been sitting there for two days now.

It just goes to show you, you can’t trust anyone who uses UPS Mail Innovations for their distribution. I probably could have gotten a diseased carrier pigeon to fly it to me quicker than these guys.

I only have about five strips to get by through tomorrow, when my strips will hopefully be on my door step. Otherwise I have to resort to my backup meter and we all remember how that one worked out for me.

Today’s Numbers

Fasting After Breakfast Before Lunch After Lunch Before Dinner After Dinner
90 126 69 201 84 146
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