Do, or Do(Nut), there is No Try


I really hate donuts now. They used to be one of my favorite snacks, but now they’re just becoming the bane of my existence.

At work today, one of my colleagues brought in a couple dozen donuts and some donut holes. For some reason, they felt the need to put the damn things on my desk. I know they didn’t do it to intentionally tempt me, but the smell was just so good and I almost broke down and pigged out. Obviously I made sure they were moved to another desk.

I did take a quick look online to see what it would cost in terms of carbs for a donut. From what I found, it would cost me nearly two carb choices for one donut, and that’s not even the yummy sugar glazed ones that I always love to eat. That would account for two of my snacks for the day and what would likely be a “what the f*ck” kind of sugar level afterward. Thankfully the donuts were gone quickly and I wasn’t tempted for the rest of the day!

Just kidding. They were hanging around the whole frickin’ day. It’s like they were multiplying like little baked donuts, torturing me with their delicious fried smelling goodness.

The one thing I will give all of these temptations is that they are really good at helping me to steel my resolve. Or they’re setting me up for a psychotic episode later on down the road. Either way I’m confident that it will all turn out right in the end.

Daily Summary

I’m finding myself to be very hungry lately, which is definitely a result of my new diet. Rather than eating larger portions of food and snacking whenever the hell I want to, I’m better managing my portion sizes and watching to keep my carbs within a certain limit each day.

Today I had a small frozen lasagna for lunch, the type I used to have three of because they were so tasty. You’d think that I would be adjusted to the portion changes over the last month, but my body still yells at me every day after lunch for some more food.

What’s been bothering me the most is that despite the smaller portions, I’m still not really losing weight. It’s like my body really wants to stay at this weight no matter what. I could remove one of my legs and my body would find a way to compensate.

One of the benefits of my new office space is that I have to do a lot of walking. The bathroom is on the opposite end of my suite and the kitchen nearest my desk doesn’t have a sink, so I have to go to yet another side of the suite to wash my dishes and get a cup of water. There’s also a half mile track outside that my friends and I have been walking on the past few days. Today was an exception, as it was pouring rain today.

Speaking of which, I came into work today to find that one of my tires had deflated. That was pretty cool, especially since I didn’t have a compressor in my car. My buddy and I went out to get one at lunch and since I left my umbrella in my car, we got soaking wet.

At the very least I was able to get my car to Belle Tire to get the tire repaired. Apparently there was a piece of wood stuck in the tire. Even my car’s tires are eating more than I am!

Today’s Numbers

Fasting After Breakfast Before Lunch After Lunch Before Dinner After Dinner
93 136 97 166 101 170
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