30 Day Diagnosiversary

Happy Diagnosiversary!

Today is officially one month since I was diagnosed with diabetes. I know, it seems like just a few weeks ago with all my posts cluttering up Twitter and Facebook.

It’s still hard for me to believe that this time last month I was laying in a hospital bed with IVs sticking out of my arm and getting blood drawn every four hours. Even harder to believe that I was in such bad shape that had I not gone to the ER when I did, I would likely have been in a coma the following day.

So much has changed in the last month. My diet is completely different and I haven’t had any real sweets since a few days before I was admitted. In the past few weeks my fingers have become little pin cushions and I’m on not only nightly insulin injections, but twice daily Metformin pills and once-a-day Lipitor. I basically went from someone who had no worries and medications to worry about to three different things I have to stick in my body at least once a day. At least most my medications are oral. And I’m getting used to sticking myself in the stomach with a needle every night.

As weird as it may sound, I’m glad for what happened to me. It’s forced me to take a greater look at my health and do what’s right by me, both for myself and my family. I knew that eventually I would have to get serious with my health as I got older, but my body decided to kick me in the rear a bit earlier than I wanted. And in the end it only cost me as much as five car payments.

I’ve become more engaged in online diabetes communities and I’m trying as best I can to share my story with others. I’m not sure how useful it’s been, but hopefully it’s of value to at least someone. Even if it’s not, it’s something I can use to look back on my journey and see how far I’ve progressed.

So… Happy Diagnosiversary to me!!

Daily Summary

Today was a roller coaster of numbers. In a couple cases I’ve been very low (relatively) while in other cases I’ve been the highest since I started taking my numbers. The odd thing is that I didn’t have that heavy of a lunch today, yet my post-lunch number was pretty high. Apparently I still have a lot to learn here…

My oldest boy had a movie night at his school tonight and I thought I had it planned perfectly. We were going to all eat dinner, get his brother to bed, and then get him to the movie. Until I was reminded that he had to be there by 5:30. Oops, I was only off by an hour. It wouldn’t have been too bad if not for having to stand in the crowd of kids when I hadn’t had a chance to eat dinner yet. By the time I got home, I was hovering only a bit over 70.

I had a nice salad for dinner with some very delicious chicken I cooked on a skillet. Despite how good it was (and I thought low carb), my post-dinner number jumped to 144. Yikes!!

At least the salad was good.


Today’s Numbers

Fasting After Breakfast Before Lunch After Lunch Before Dinner After Dinner
109 151 82 169 78 144
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