The Spots in your Eyes

Six Inch? Hell no, Gimme 12!

I don’t like to eat out that often, especially now that I have to watch more closely what I eat. When I do go out to eat, one of the things I love is a spicy Italian sub from Subway. There’s just something delicious about the melted cheese with pepperoni and salami. Mmmm damn good.

Because of the carb count (and that I usually have them at lunch), typically I could only eat a six inch sub. Thankfully it was filling for lunch, although the full feeling would fade fairly quickly. Tonight, though, I had a late day at work and we opted to get Subway for dinner. All bets were off.

I struggled on whether or not I should get my usual six inch, or if I should say screw it and go for the 12. It took me a while to make up my mind as I stood at the counter, struggling to figure out what to do next. It felt like hours… Should I, shouldn’t I, what should I do?!?

The 12 inch sub was delicious. And the good news is that, two hours after eating it, my blood sugar was only four points out of bounds. Not too bad if I do say so myself! Granted my stomach hurts a bit, but that could be the roughhousing I did with my boys after eating. Either way, I’m trying not to be sick.

Daily Summary

I’m still struggling to figure out my diet. My dietitian wants me to have somewhere around 255 grams of carbs per day, but from what I’ve seen on a few forums people have found success managing their diabetes with a lower carb diet. I’ve been experimenting the past couple of days with trying to eliminate my morning or afternoon snack. I may be losing a bit of weight (if by “a bit” you can define as a half of a quarter of a third of an ounce), but I’m really not sure it’s working.

One thing that is working is the lack of a morning snack making me get kind of light headed seeing random spots in my eyes. After checking my pre-lunch sugar this morning I was down to 70. Yikes!! My pasta lunch definitely got my sugar back up (but only to 126 post-lunch), although the light headed sensation at work was kind of weird.

Seriously, how do these low-carb folks make it work? I’ve been wanting to do things that have more protein, but my struggle is finding things with low amounts of Saturated Fat and low sodium. All things my PCP and dietitian want me to keep to a minimum so my heart will keep pumping. I’d like to keep that core bodily function going thank you very much!

Today’s Numbers

Fasting After Breakfast Before Lunch After Lunch Before Dinner After Dinner
92 124 70 126 105 143


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