You’ve Got that Sickly Feeling

Changing the Dose

It’s been about a month since I first saw my PCP after being discharged from the hospital, which means I’ve been on my Metformin for just as long. The goal has been to get me to 2000mg a day. I started off at 500mg, added another dose in the morning, and now that it’s been almost a month it’s time to jump it to 1000mg per dose.

This morning I took my first new pill. It ruined the rest of my day.

I had some mild discomfort when I first started the meds, but it was manageable. Today my stomach was all over the place. One moment I was okay, the next I was doubled over with nausea or just a general feeling of my stomach wanting to leave my body.

Because of how off my stomach was feeling, I made the decision to stick to my normal evening dose. If I took the new dose, I just knew that I wouldn’t survive the night without throwing up.

The annoying thing is that we ordered a thin crust pizza for dinner. I had a personal sized, thinking I could eat the whole thing and not kill my carb count. In the end I could barely choke down two slices before feeling full. I’m doubting I even had a third of my carb count for the meal, but really I couldn’t choke any more of it down.

Damn Metformin.

Today’s Numbers

Fasting After Breakfast Before Lunch After Lunch Before Dinner After Dinner
112 133 69 119 116 101
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