Metformin, Bringer of Pain

Case of the DKA Plates

As those who actually read this site know by now, over a month ago I was admitted to the hospital for diabetic ketoacidosis (DKA). It wasn’t a fun experience and I’m hoping to not have to go through it again. That visit was the start of all the fun stuff I’m going through now and was essentially the dawn of my new life.

Ever since I was admitted, I’ve been curious about what the odds are that I would have gotten diabetes. Although since yesterday I’ve been curious about another statistic: what are the odds that someone who was recently admitted to the hospital for DKA would randomly follow two cars at the same time in two different lanes with the following license plates (apologies for the terrible photos; I was kind of driving at the time):


Yes, these are two license plates that both start with DKA. If ever you wondered whether or not the universe has a sense of humor, you now have your answer. To top it off, they were directly in front of me and going extremely slow. At least it gave me time to take the picture, right?

Daily Summary

I’ve increased my doses of Metformin to 1000mg, twice per day. When I increased my morning dose over the weekend, I had a few times when I could definitely feel the side effects. An upset stomach was the biggest symptom, but it seemed to have gone away after a couple of days. Thinking that the worst of it was over, I decided to increase my evening dose last night.

I’m pretty sure that was a mistake. I spent most of the day today feeling as though my stomach was going to jump out of my throat. It also felt like I could pass out from exhaustion at any point. I thought I slept great last night, with the exception of some weird dreams involving squid ink pasta (yeah, don’t ask), but my body was just not in a happy spot.

I found that chewing spearmint gum was actually very helpful. Until the flavor ran out, after which my stomach started to hate me all over again. Eventually the feeling went mostly away, but it was still gnawing a little at me during dinner. I, of course, took another 1000mg pill with dinner so I’m looking forward to another day tomorrow of stomach pain.

Damn Metformin.

Today’s Numbers

Fasting After Breakfast Before Lunch After Lunch Before Dinner After Dinner
93 144 92 102 82 121
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