DKA (Plate) Returns

The New Meter

I’ve been thinking for a while now about getting a new meter. I like my GE meter, but it is harder than hell to find strips for the damn thing. For my last refill, I had to go through Amazon and it took nearly two weeks for the things to get to me. I was literally on my last strip when they hit my front door. It’s not like they are the cheapest strips, either. The quality of the meter is great and I love the strips (they’re not really flexible and they’re very simple to use), but I have too much stress in my life lately to worry about how I’m going to be testing my blood sugar each day.

While my GE meter may be nice, I’ve heard great things about the ReliOn meter from Wal Mart. Knowing that my GE strips are quickly coming to an end, I broke down and bought a new meter. No, it’s not like buying a new car, but it is my constant companion no matter where I go so it’s exciting to me.

The only drawback so far is that you can’t easily find the testing solution for the meter. According to the box, to get the solution you have to call their convenient number, of go to The only problem is, automatically redirects to Wal Mart’s website, which doesn’t sell the solution. Ugh, I can never win.

Daily Summary

Speaking of the universe hating me, I was driving home and had to follow, yet again, another driver with a DKA license plate. I get it, universe, I was stuck in the hospital for a few days after my body tried to kill me and the rest of my life got all screwed up. I really don’t need daily reminders!!


And yes, I took this picture from my car but never fear! I was stopped at a traffic light so nothing too bad there. I’m not dumb enough to go taking cell phone pictures when I was driving in a rain storm!

Overall I’ve been pretty good the past few days. The side effects from my increased Metformin dose have by and large gone away. Well, except for that pesky metallic taste in my mouth every now and again. It’s still not has bad as it has been in the past, though, so I’m still calling it a win. My biggest bouts of nausea come when I’ve been getting really stressed at work, or when my sugar seems to fall relatively low.

On the whole I’m still pretty excited about my numbers. The sheet my diabetes educator gave me to show me which numbers were good and which were bad had two columns on it. The first I thought was the “you’re doing great” range, while the other was “this is what’s ideal for diabetics” range. Turns out, the former was really “what non-diabetics experience” range and the latter was “you’re a diabetic; fit this mold please”.

By and large I’ve been targeting and achieving the “what non-diabetics experience” range, with only a handful of dips here and there into the “you’re actually diabetic, dumbass” range. I know that this disease is progressive and no matter how well I’m doing right now, eventually it’s going to catch up to me, but I’m trying to make it fun while it lasts…

Today’s Numbers

Fasting After Breakfast Before Lunch After Lunch Before Dinner After Dinner
69 140 74 123 72 137
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