Diabetes, Thy Name is Type 2

Today was an afternoon of follow-up appointments. First it was my introductory visit to the Diabetes and Dietitian team to go over some basic care items, such as what to do when my sugar gets too low or high. They were kind enough to give me some glucose tabs, which are basically quick ways to raise my blood sugar in case I start going south. They call it the Rule of 15: take one carbohydrate unit (15g), wait 15 minutes, and check your sugar. If you’re still under 70mg/dl, repeat the process.

My next appointment was with my primary care provider, where I finally got the answer to something that’s been bugging me since I was discharge: what the heck is my diagnosis?!? I remember vividly when the ER doctor told me that I had Type 1 diabetes, but all of my discharge paperwork showed as Type 2. Given the issues with my medications when I left the hospital, I assumed that the discharge provider had simply screwed up or not paid enough attention to my chart. Turns out, it really is Type 2.

At least now I have my diagnosis!!

As part of my visit we made a few changes to what has become my new habit. Instead of having to poke myself in the morning and before every meal, I am only looking at my morning fasting numbers. We’re also changing up my nighttime medication to Tresiba, which is a bit longer-lasting than the Levemir and the provider thinks will be more effective. Starting at 20 units a night, we’re going to continue to increase the dose until I can maintain a steady sugar level at night and keep my sugar under 140 and above 110 on a consistent basis.

One of the other changes is that I will no longer be using Novolog or Humolog as a rapid-insulin solution. Instead I will be using Metformin at dinner and (eventually) in the morning. As with the Tresiba, the goal is to continue to increase the dose until I’m in a steady spot.

The changes to my medications are all well and good, but they’re only helpful so long as my pharmacy has actually has the medication. Which, today, they didn’t. Maybe it really is time to find a better pharmacy…

I have some additional lab work to get done so my provider can double check a few things, but all-told I’m fairly comfortable with where I’m at the moment. Now that I have a verified diagnosis of Type 2 it’s much easier for me to move forward with my treatment, as well as to get my mind in the right spot.

And the journey continues…

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